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Week 5 - MTC e-mail August 28, 2009

August 28, 2009


So, this week has been incredible. Most notably Elder Scott at Tuesday night devotional and the temple dedication on Sunday.

SO, the temple dedication... Absolutely amazing! I keep adding to my top 10 most amazing spiritual experiences. Pretty soon it’s going to be top 100 by the time my mission is over. It was held in the gymnasium at the MTC, where all of the mission addresses are held. They closed it for two days before for cleaning. They really wanted it to be like the temple, and boy was it!

As we approached the front doors, we were met by our mission president Smith. He had a huge smile on his. (The same doors every missionary walks in to get there name tag) And as soon as my foot touched the carpet it felt like I was in the temple! It was so incredible! We sat for 45 minutes thinking and contemplating life. Which is always a good thing here because we hardly get a second to breathe. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw 6 men walk in dressed in white, leading them was president Monson. Oh man! So cool! It just kept getting better! Here is an excerpt from my journal, "The dedicatory prayer really hit me as a missionary. The prayer prayed for the missionaries. That we would have safety and guidance by the Holy Ghost. That we would have success spreading the gospel. I couldn't help but imagine the people that I will be able to share the gospel with and realize that they would be able to partake of the blessings of the temple and everything that comes with it. It was at this moment that I began to understand the magnitude of my calling. That we are more authorized to preach the gospel and share our message than anyone else. The prophet and apostles sustain me, so the Lord sustains me in this great work. There is no greater happiness than knowing that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ is His Beloved Son, who gave his life so we can return to be with them both. As Joseph Smith said, the worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God. I am an instrument in the hands of the Lord, willing and submissive to let my brothers and sisters know who they are, how much they are loved and missed, and our Heavenly Father wants them back." From another portion of my journal... "God’s purpose will not be frustrated because of our shortcomings, but if we are willing to repent, and SEEK him, we can be his instrument and there is no greater joy in this life than to feel the joy of helping others receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and all of the blessings that come with it."

Tuesday night devotional... Elder Scott spoke to us. Absolutely amazing. I say absolutely and amazing in my letters a lot, but there are not really words to describe my feelings that I have. The spirit touches me and I get overcome with emotion, and it is just a hard thing to describe. Elder Scott gave two apostolic blessings on us. He had everyone that was learning a language raise their hands and he pronounced a promise to us that we would have the gift of tongues. At another portion of his talk, he spoke about our safety and the importance of following the spirit. We will all be in "scary" situations, but if we follow the spirit with exactness we will be protected. He was referring to the safety of the sisters and how we can be more vulnerable. He told us things that we should do to keep safe. He then stopped, got choked up, and pronounced another blessing on us, promising us that we would not be hurt if we are obedient. I felt the spirit so strongly. It was actually quite a relief to hear. Another portion of his talk, he spoke of the reality of Satan. How Satan, more than anyone else can create the illusion of power. In reality, we have everything, every tool to stop him. We can call on God for his help and comfort. Satan would do all he could to discourage and weaken any of his missionaries. It really was just a great message.

Monday night in the Referral Center, I felt prompted to pick up the phone and do calls. It wasn't my usual assignment. My companions and I have been doing online chats and taking over flow calls. So I put my phone on available and started calling. I talked to about three people. Then I talked to a man from Aurora Colorado. About two weeks ago, he fell off scaffolding at work. He broke his leg, ankle, back and other internal injury. He has been in the hospital since then. When I called, I had no idea what I was about to experience. I am so glad that I followed that prompting. He doesn't understand why this injury had to happen. He was really frustrated one night, and all alone, and he saw a commercial from our church. He felt good when he saw it so he decided to call and order a bible. I was calling to confirm he received it. Well, he had talked to the missionaries, but didn't want to set up any appointments. I talked to him for 40 minutes. I shared scripture after scripture with him. I just read to him. I told him how to pray, what to pray for, and promised him that prayer would bring him comfort while he felt alone in the hospital. I shared my experience of loneliness in the hospital. I know that he felt the spirit, and I told him that... so next week the missionaries are going to teach him. :-) YAY!!! The gospel is soooo true! I get to find out how everything is going on Monday. I’m preparing him a lesson. It is sooo great!!!

I love you all! Thank you sooo much for all the letters and support!

Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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