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Week 2 - MTC e-mail August 7, 2009

Fri 8/7/2009 10:03 AM


Don't even know where to start...

I MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I really do! Love you all!

Josh, go for it. Use Rosetta Stone! We can talk in Spanish when we get home...

FYI... 41% of the missionaries in the MTC are Spanish speaking... WOW!

On the topic of Spanish, I’ve had my first dream in the Spanish language. Very cool! I didn't hardly understand anything, but the Spanish must be in my head someone where... I only pray in Spanish, well for the most part... I have a hard time NOT praying in Spanish. When we are with English speaking missionaries, we pray in English and I have to concentrate on what to say. I’m not going to speak English at all when I get back!

I had an interesting experience last night. It has increased my faith in the gift of tongues tremendously. So, I had kind of a rough day of Spanish. For the life of me I couldn't remember, number and gender and... so on. I couldn’t form even a sentence. I was really down on myself. Comparing myself to my companions and putting myself down, which is the worst thing you can ever do! But it is hard sometimes. So, I was contacting with Hermana Petit, and I really struggle through it, but I got it done. Hola!... and so on. Asked her if I could teach her, tesitfied of Christ. Like a normal contact. But I didn't feel confident in myself at all. we had interviews with our teacher soon after. Hermano Boyack. He is an amazing teacher. Well, I told him how i felt and he just shook his head, and said. Hermana Vaughan-Schultz... you are one of the best in the class... do not be hard on yourself. He said I just needed to have faith in my ability and the testimony that I have... and just share it! SO I DID! :-) The gift of tongues is so REAL! After I got done talking with him, I went up to Elder Rogers (from Texas :-)) and just started talking and testifying to him like I was a native speaker. I was absolutely amazed. I didn't have to concentrate on word endings of vocab at all. It was a simple testimony. Dios es neustro Padre Celestial. Nosotros somos sus Hijos. Dios nos enio a la tierra para aprender y progressar. Dios preparo un plan para ayudanos a regrasar con El. La Expacion De Jesuscristo es central en el plan de Dios... en el nombre Jesuscristo. Amen. I love this work!!!

We have barely studied Spanish for a week and a half, and are studying 5th week grammar for the MTC standards. our teacher has only taught one other class that has gone at this pace and he has been here almost three years. I know that is because we are a well rounded district with very strong testimonies. I have no doubt that this is the group I am supposed to be with. They are like my brothers away from home. Don't worry Chris, josh and Jesse, I am in good hands! I just expect you to treat the Hermanas with the same respect when you are here. Always open the doors for girls, stand when they leave and come to the table, take their dinner trays and always tell them they are pretty! That is what our Elders do for us! It makes all the difference. They will not eat dinner without us there... I have not seen any other district in the entire MTC that does that. :-) They seem like they are 25 years old... but don't worry; we have our fair share of fun. At gym, we always play together. So far, kick ball, sand volley ball and basketball. It is a lot of fun. Play hard, work hard!

Tuesday night devotional... The PROVO temple mission president and his wife spoke... it was SOOOOOO amazing. So amazing to sit and sing called to serve with 2500 missionaries. I even sang in the choir... can you believe that! :-)

So, on Monday nights, our district goes to the RC. "Referral center" and I had an amazing experience... I called a women, she is a Southern Baptists and has had one missionary lesson. Her hang-up is that when she feels the spirit she wants to shout at the roof tops, hallelujah and praise to the Lord. (I don't blame her, sometimes I feel like doing that to). But she didn't think that she would fit in. I shared with many of my experiences, talked to her for a half hour... She went from, not wanting to read the Book of Mormon, not going to church... to wanting to read it, committed her to read Moroni's promise, committed her to go to church, and to pray if it is true. She didn't want to meet with the missionaries any more, but agreed to let me teach her over the phone... so here it goes. I felt the spirit so much when I talked to her. I didn’t feel like it was even me talking to her. I’m going to contact her again Monday and see how it goes... needless to say, I’m really fired up about it.

"How do you lose yourself?", is what I have been asking myself since I have gotten here. How do you lose yourself and not forget who you are?... Thinking about my baptism and the journey that has brought me to this day, I couldn't help but to think of the dream that i had two nights before my baptism. When I was sitting under and cold and dark over pass. Homeless. With a small fire in front of me as I sat on the ground. in the distance was a light on a telephone pole. It had rained because the light glistened on the wet pavement in front of me. Next to me to my right was a person sitting on the ground, with scriptures in hand... only they let their scriptures get to close to the fire, and there pages blackened. I asked them if I could see them, and I wiped every page one by one until they could see the pages again... I had nothing in the dream, but only the scriptures in my lap. Those were the most precious things that I had. Nobody could take them from me... I had nothing of worldly value, but yet, I still felt happy... that is losing yourself. Not forgetting who you are, but remembering what is really of most worth. I could have nothing in this life other then my faith in Christ, and I could still be happy. What a wonderful thing that is. And how much faith does it take to hold onto that? A LOT! I struggle, but I am going to keep trying.

I r'e y Hare! (go and do!)

My love and thoughts go to you all!

Hermana Vaughan-Schultz
John 15:13

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