Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exerpts from Written Letter Received Aug 5, 2009


Spanish, Spanish, Spanish! After tomorrow we have to speak Spanish. Me permite hablar (en) ingleis. That is me asking permission to speak English. 9 hrs a day in the classroom. The Spanish is coming along. I woke up really sad and missed home. It didn't help that my alarm clock was el stupido! Left without companion prayer :-( and just didn't feel right. I suggested after our first block of class to return to our room and start over. That feeling went away, and I have had a GREAT day since.

So busy have hardly enough time to breathe. Rushing through eating, ... whew. Next week will be more relaxed. We have had tons of orientations this week. My head feels like it is going to explode.

...make sure the family reads their scriptures. Personally and as a family. Love you!

Boys, be grateful that you have the opportunity to go to seminary. It is a blessing and a wonderful tool to prepare for your mission. I wish a great deal that I would have had the opportunity to go and learn.

We only have sung "Called to Serve" in Spanish class. I am really excited to sing for every large group meeting (about 5 since I got here) we always sing missionary hymns. About 400 missionaries reported the same day as me. It is really powerful to stand and all sing together.

Today, Aug 1st, is our first "half" p-day. P-days will be Friday from now on. I am excited to go to the Temple. It will be nice to leave everything at the front door.

I am excited to teach. The saying goes, days feel like weeks, and weeks seem like days. Days are long! What makes me get through the discouragement, is the people I will teach and meet. When I get jealous of the English missionaries, (because they have it A LOT easier) I visualize the people I get to teach and I HAVE TO know Spanish and I think that is an amazing thing to experience. Already praying and testifying in Spanish has been wonderful. I can't wait until I can teach full lessons. :-)

Home seems so far away. It is going to be the longest and shortest 18 months of my life.

"Til We Meet"

Love, Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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  1. I am so excited to see Hilary on a mission. She will be amazing. Her spirit is so strong and she just beams with the light of Christ! I will keep checking in on the blog to see how things are going.