Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 6 - MTC e-mail September 4, 2009

So, really cool! This morning, I taught the entire first lesson on my own. In quite a bit of detail. 40 mins worth of doctrine and sharing scriptures. It was so exciting! I owe it all to the Lord, because I know that I would not be able to do that on my own. The first day they told us not to compare ourselves to others, and judge on progress on Wednesdays. Well, last Wednesday I was still having a lot of trouble with cong., and sentence structures. This week sentences are flying out of my mouth. I set a very high goal for myself to do this and tried to put as much faith in that the Lord would help me accomplish it, and He did!

We teach our first official Spanish lesson tonight in the TE. I am super excited!!! We’ve taught at least one Spanish lesson a day since last Saturday.

People have asked what studying Spanish at the MTC is like, so I thought I would talk about that a little bit. A day in the life of Hermana Vaughan-Schultz... I wake up at 5:45 every morning and run 2-3 miles… stairs. I read Predicad mi evangelio y el Libro De Mormon for 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast. I always carry flash cards with me whenever I am walking so I am always speaking or reading Spanish... this week it has been memorizing the first vision en espanol. That was hard but I finally have it down. 30 minutes for breakfast. Our Thursday schedule is at 8 a.m. one hour personal study, 1 hour of companion study, 2 hours Spanish study, lunch, class for 3 hours, dinner, 1 hour language study, 3hours of class, plan for 30 minutes at 9, write in my journal 20 minutes, brush my teeth :-) read el libro de Mormon before I fall asleep… and repeat.

It really is a lot… a lot of hours of intense study. I make sure that I never go without Spanish in my hands. It has made a huge difference. I have not taken a nap since being here because i always want to be studying. My companions and some Elders said, I don’t know who you are not burnt out yet. I just don't see any other option, This is the Lord’s time, and I don't expect to change for my entire mission. We have a computer software program called TALL that we can use, but I have found I do best just by translating preach my gospel and reading the book of Mormon in Spanish and English right next to each other.

This week has definitely been a refiners fire for me. I have learned a lot as I have worked out differences in my companionship. Sometimes it feels lonely, but I know I have never been alone. I love the MTC and this work so much! I love Spanish and I can't wait to be able to teach in Tampa. Soooo excited.

This Sunday I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting in espanol. It was great. I was the first for our district to give a talk in Spanish. Now we are the oldest. And I have to set the example. We are a really young zone. But it is so exciting to finally be the ones getting asked all the questions about Spanish instead of the ones always asking. It definitely has made me step it up a notch.

We had a great message this Tuesday from E. Sybrowski from the second quorum. He and his wife are just amazing. Earlier Tuesday, he was eating lunch with E. Oaks and E. nelson. He asked them what he would like him to talk to us (missionaries) about. E. oaks said, "Teach them how to follow the spirit." and E. nelson added, "Tell them why." I know this work is impossible without the Holy Ghost. I think back to the time when I was converted. It really was the Holy Ghost that converted me. As a missionary now, I know how important it is to have to Holy Ghost with you. In DC 50 it gives an amazing example and necessity for this. If I don't study personally for 60 minutes, companion for 60 minutes and at least 60 minutes for language, then Holy Ghost isn't with me as strong. I can't testify with as much enthusiasm. This week I got on my knees, and promised Heavenly Father that I would do all I could to have the Holy Ghost with me. By being obedient to all mission rules, but also, following every prompting that I get. When we let prompting go by, with no action to follow them, Heavenly Father will not be as likely to keeping guiding you. Like in Moroni 10:3-5. For the rest of our lives we have to have "real intent." I also promised in my prayer to give my heart to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, never expecting to get it back. I hope my future husband knows that, I’ve given my heart away to this work and to my Heavenly Father... I hope he is ok with that ;-)

Love you all soooo much!

Remember mas cartes!!!!!!

Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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