Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hilary's first written letter, received Monday, Aug 3, 2009

July 29, 2009 (Hilary's first day in the MTC)
They told us to write Mom first!
So, Hi Mom! All is well in Zion. Yes, I miss you, but the Savior does fill that empty space. I have felt the Spirit so strong. I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest.

Yes, my name fits on my name tag. It still feels a little weird, but I love waring it already. My companions are amazing. I have two. Hermona Nef, and Hermana Petit. Hermana Petit is Haitian and Hermana Nef is from TEXAS! :-)

We all interviewed with our Branch President Schumway. He is amazing! Our district is half going to Tampa and the other to LA. We all love our testimonies. I got to tell about my family. :-)

I just want to be out in the field now! :-) Spanish is going to be challenging. I saw Caleb Herman & Joey. I think I have been greeted and said "hello" to by 30 different languages. Dinner was crazy busy, soooo many missionaries.

I am well taken care of! My clothes all fit. I'm on the bottom bunk. My desk is filled with awesome books. My companions LOVE my box and my pink bathrobe!

My testimony has already grown today! I can't wait to see where I am in 9 weeks and 18 months. I leave for Florida approximately Sept 29th. My possible return is Feb 15th. See you then!

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