Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 8 - MTC e-mail September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

So we had a (un dia en el campo) yesterday. We taught 14 lessons in Spanish, and contacted a bunch! It was awesome. My tongue was sore just from speaking Spanish for so long. Weird, I know, but I think I’m getting the rolling rrrrrr down. That was 7 hours of teaching in one day... it is exciting.

We got our flight plans yesterday! :-) I jumped up and down. It is sad though, I have built so many relationships with the sisters here. My roommates are my best friends now. We’re planning on rooming together at Utah State when we get back. They are serving in New York, New York South.

Two nights ago was really neat. We taught the second lesson for the first time as a companionship. The second lesson is pretty hard in English, let alone Spanish. But, we did it. The spirit was there and it was strong. I’m sure I didn't speak very good Spanish, but I was able to share things that I have never before said. I was able to share experiences about family, and form sentences that I never had before. It was soooo neat. The spirit helps you so much when it comes to speaking Spanish. After, I could hardly speak English. For the first time, I had to think of how to say things in English. I’m afraid by the time I get home I won’t know how to speak any English :-)

The swine flu has invaded our zone... some of the Elders have been quarantined. No bueno! pero, esta bien. Just pray that no one in our district gets it... if we do our departure is delayed.

I think there was confusion in my last letter... I actually speak this Sunday, not the last Sunday. But, thank you for all of the wonderful comments and support. I’ll let you know how it goes...

I had a wonderful time in the temple this week... of last week in the temple, I was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for another group to come up, and I was just leaning over to my companion saying, "Sometimes I secretly wish I could see someone I know here." Not even two seconds later, there’s Joe Edmonds. It was really nice to see someone that I knew from home. But today, while sitting in the celestial room, I said a prayer, wanting to be led to a scripture that heavenly father wants me to understand. It was so cool, because after, I opened right to DC 84. So amazing. I felt like I was being told by the spirit how I could be a better missionary, and what I need to focus on.

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