Monday, December 20, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

Hola! solomente yo tengo algunos dias mas aqui... estoy triste por eso... pero, yo se que todo va estar bien... estoy contenta con mi mision... yo he estado aqui por casi 18 meses... holy cow!!!

It has been one roller coaster of a week for me, the highest of highest of highs, and, well, not really lows, but just sad to say good bye... I will have been here for 9 months in Fort Myers. It feels like home. We had dinner at the Roman’s house last night, (ward mission leader) and I have gotten so close with them. I literally feel like I am a part of their family. They are all younger than me, and I pick on them, they pick on me. It is fantastic.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Caroling all over again like last year. I love it. We went as a ward last Sunday to a senior home. It was fantastic. I just feel sorry for every ones ears... :-) I have never been a good singer, but I do hope I have improved since I left. We sing every day multiple times. So we'll see.

I feel so blessed. The week before last we had the baptism of Arnaldo from Honduras. We found him during our morning exercises and this last weekend we had three, Adela from Honduras, she is a little old grandma of a member family in Bonita. Also Mambert from Cuba. He is the genius that we found while putting up English class fliers, and Pedro from the Dominican Republic. We found him at 7/11 while we were stopping to use the bathroom!!! Woo hoo! I love gas stations! ;-) We have one more baptism next week right before I come home and many more planned in the next month. It is going to be hard not being here.

Something about the baptism this last weekend is that Satan knew how important it was! They are very special people that will be stalwarts in the gospel, and through the night he was working on the pipes in the church. The font would normally take an hour and a half to fill, but that changed to a good 3 and a half and it was cold water. Even though the baptisms were 2 hours late it was still an amazing experience.

It is amazing to witness baptisms, especially for those people that you have found, but what brings much greater joy is seeing them grow in the Gospel. Heriberto from St. Pete is preparing to enter the temple soon and an inactive family that I have worked with a lot will be sealed in the next year and are coming to church nearly every week. No hay palabras! William just received the priesthood, Arnaldo and Mambert will receive it soon. That is what makes it hard to leave.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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