Monday, October 11, 2010

Fort Meyers Week 22

We had an amazing week!!! We found an amazing family.

Her name is Socorro. We were completely lead by the spirit to find this family in a miraculous way. There are too many details to write, but miracle after miracle. Anyhoo, she is a 90 year old grandma with her husband Juan. We found them while putting up English class flyers. We just "felt" like we should walk down this road and there we found Socorro sitting outside with 3 of her daughters. She has 8 children that all live in the Palm Beach area with her children and their families. They have a HUGE family!!!

Well, we won her heart over the first time we taught her. It was something very special and personal to me. We started by singing a hymn and sharing a few thoughts about the Savior. Socorro's eyes were locked on me and she started to tear up. We taught Socorro yesterday with one of her grandsons that is studying for some position in the Catholic church. She was so excited that we were there. She said, "Sit, sit!" and she told her grandson (22 years old) to sit and listen to "angels." So he did and we had an amazing first lesson. While we shared the first vision, and as I said the words of Joseph Smith, again Socorro’s eyes were locked on mine. I felt a spiritual connection with her that I can't explain, and her grandson felt it was true. He explained that it was like all his worries in life went away. They both know it is true! They couldn't deny it. Oh boy! I was jumping up and down after this lesson. I am so excited to see them on Tuesday!!!

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