Monday, September 20, 2010

Ft. Myers Week 19

I guess I must have learned some Spanish since I’ve been here, I translated for stake conference and it was sweet! I was pretty proud! :-)

Sister Lai and I went to early morning seminary this morning! It was great! I loved it! It made me a little sad to think that I missed the opportunity to attend during high school, but I really hope I get the opportunity to serve as a teacher. That would be SWEET!!!

The work is going so wonderfully well. I honestly don't feel like I deserve it. We are teaching amazing prepared people that are at the edge of their seat to accept the gospel, but we are also teaching some people that have huge obstacles in front of them that they have to overcome. Oh but what joy it is to see them change and start partaking of that fruit that is, oh so divine.

I have been really impressed lately with Lehi's dream. It’s interesting that in the very instance that he partook of the fruit, this joy the gospel brought him, his first desire was to share it with the people that he loves. This has been a truth woven through the time I have been serving the Lord. The times where I have felt the atoning influence in my life, are the times where I testified with more vigor, when I would want to run from door to door and pretty much scream from the roof tops the message we bring. It’s the most important message in the entire world. However, a truth that I have also learned, from hard experiences, is that our purpose is to bring the word "unto" the hearts of the people, but it is up to them to allow the word "into" their hearts. This is a gospel truth for the rest of our lives.

As I have seen those that I have helped come to the waters of baptism, and I look at where they are now, I wonder, "What was the difference?" "Why did some stay strong and others not?" "Did they really come unto Christ?" Then I asked myself, how do we come unto Christ? For me, four and a half years ago, I didn't know who Jesus Christ was and as I reflect on how I came to know my Savior, it really isn't all that much different than how I come to know any one of you that are reading this. It is by passing time with a person, by talking to them, by sharing experiences, tears, heartache and joy.

We need to spend time with our Savior one on one. Surely, we can study the scriptures, and learn everything "about" His life and ministry, but I could read all about anyone and their history, but I really won’t get to know them. If we rely too much on our teachers or other people for our spiritual edification, then we will never "come unto our Savior" and really partake of this joy that we could have to REALLY know that He is there.

I know without a single doubt, no less than if the Savior was standing beside me that He lives. That He is my brother and best friend. There is nothing in the world that has more value to me than my journey of coming to know my Savior. I want EVERYONE to feel the peace and security in this. I wish I was the missionary I am now in the beginning of my mission. I might have done things a little differently, but now, my entire focus will be on helping them feel that atoning power and truly come unto Christ and have a personal relationship with him so that they can know with a surety that they can turn to Him even when they feel alone. That is how they will stay strong and that is how we can help them.


Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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