Monday, September 6, 2010

Ft. Myers Week 17

Well, I believe I am killing my trainee! Her name is Hermana Lai. She’s a little LITTLE Chinese girl from Vancouver Washington. She’s a little shy and timid but I know we'll have a great time working together. It didn't help that when we arrived back from Tampa that our car had a flat tire. In my head I just said, “Alright bring it Satan!!!” Well, we got the spare on and drove it to Firestone. I had really itchy feet and just wanted to work. The mall was behind the store, so we decided to storefront contact. Oh she looked so scared. :-) but all was well and we found a man named Pedro to teach. We gave him a church tour just two days later. I prayed so hard in the days leading up that we would find someone to teach and baptize the first day we were together, y alli esta! :-)

So, yes I think I’m killing my companion. We were in the heat all morning, so I thought I would treat her to an ice cold Slurpee. Well, on our way out she rolled her ankle in a pot hole and we spent the next three hours in the hospital. Again in my head I’m thinking, “Alright! Is that all you got Satan!?” This work is not going to stop! :-) And yes, I carried her into the hospital.

Kind of funny, but while waiting for her in the waiting room, I talked to the most wonderful family from Guatemala. We just laughed and laughed together. Especially when the dad wouldn't tell me his real name, he just said, “My name is ugly,” and all his kids would laugh so hard. I love the Spanish people so much. I have never been happier than to sit there and just talk to them. When they first walked into the waiting room their mouths dropped open to see some white blonde girl talking Spanish on the phone. They loved it and I have gotten so that I can depict the different dialects from the different countries. It’s so funny! What was really great is that last night while planning we got a call and all I heard is, “Hola, soy ugly!” He called US! Whooo hoooo! His family is coming to English class and we are teaching him the gospel after the English class! It is a testimony to me that the only way to be a disciple of Christ is to love the people. I loved them so much sitting there. I love being a missionary! I love my job and who I work for! :-)

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on ugly! :-) He has a wife and 5 kids.

Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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