Monday, July 26, 2010

Ft. Myers Week 12


Como estan? Estoy super bien aqui en Fort Myers.

Donde debo empezar? Pues, if I just write this in English it will be a lot quicker :-)

Wilson P. was baptized and confirmed!!! Woohooo!!!! He was the man we found in the gas station 15 minutes after he arrived from Miami. He is absolutely amazing. I can't even begin to explain it. He wanted to be baptized for 8 months. I have never seen a bigger smile than his on the day of his baptism. Oh, I’m sooo happy!

I have had the best week on my mission. You want to know something cool? I really have changed. Cherelle, a girl that we take out with us often said something about me that really hit home. So, we were on splits on Tuesday, and Cherell and I were riding bikes in the 99 degree weather, in the sun for 3 hours. We could have been hating life, but I felt on top of the world. We were putting up English class flyers in restaurants and other shops. We stopped at this Peruvian shop and as I talked, the lady stopped me and said, "Where are you from?" I told her I was a gringa, and she said, "Your accent is so good." That is what every missionary dreams of! So I was really on cloud 9! As we were biking away I started singing hymns really loud and Cherell said, "Sister Vaughan-Schultz, I have never met anyone in my life that is always happy like you are." Isn't that amazing?! I didn't notice how much I changed until she said that. I truly am happy!

As Sister Baum is preparing to end her mission here in Fort Myers, I can't help but think of the things that have happened on my mission. During my personal study a few days ago, I reflected on the names that I have written in the front of my “Preach My Gospel” manual that have I had the privilege of helping come to the waters of baptism. If you glance at it, it just looks like a list of names, but as I sat and pondered and reflected on each individual, I think my heart actually grew bigger. I have prayed since the beginning of my mission to have the ability to love and serve beyond my own capacity, and as I reflected on each individual I couldn't help but feel my heart over flowing with love and gratitude. My whole purpose as a missionary is to help others to come unto Christ. Every individual on that list has their own story of finding faith in Christ. What this work really is about is helping people find faith in Jesus Christ and to be able to utilize the enabling power of the atonement, having hope of changing that they never would have had without the gospel.

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