Monday, June 7, 2010

Ft. Myers Week 6

I love it when you know you are in the right place, at the exact time that Heavenly Father wants you to be. There really isn't any greater feeling as a missionary. A great example of this would be how we found Juan. Well, we started by visiting an inactive member, and they didn't work out, so we decided that we should knock doors on their street. Then we met this amazing old man that turned 91 the day before (he actually stormed the beach on D-Day, he told us some cool stories) but we felt like we should sing him happy birthday, so we did in Spanish and he really liked it Then he told us about this Spanish family that lives behind him that made him a cake. Our radars went up! :-) Then after we went over to that house, we found a rather rude Catholic man. It was kind of disappointing, but hey, we just kept knocking. Sister Baum said we should do the next door and that's where we found a ridiculously crazy woman, like really crazy. That was the craziest door contact that I have had and I have had some doozies! I'll save it for later, but Sister Baum wanted to do one more door and that next house was Juan's. When we first started talking to him he didn't seem all that interested. He didn't have a phone number so we didn't think too much of it, but we sat down and shared the message of the restoration with him. He said he felt good, but I wasn't so sure how things would end up with him... He said he would come to church but wouldn't really allow any of our members to come by and pick him so we didn't think he was that committed. Well, we were kind of right in that he didn't come to church but we still felt like we needed to do some follow up with him.

We kind of saw him as the typical "flojo" guy. Pero todavia hay milagros! At the next visit, he came right out to the car when we pulled up and pretty much rushed over to sit down. He was so excited to learn. When we spoke and taught, he just sat intently listening and soaking up everything like a sponge. Sister Baum and I just looked at each other like, "What in the world happened to him?!" He was a completely different person. This is the power of the spirit, the sanctifying power. He recognized the spirit when we shared the first vision with him the last time we were there and knew what it felt like. When we left, and he read the Book of Mormon he felt the same way as when we were there with him. He kept saying over and over again how amazing and wonderful this feeling is. I couldn't hardly believe this!

There are some really funny things about his family. He lives with his brother and wife. His wife is from the country of Georgia and doesn't really speak a lot of English, but she loves us! I think every time we have gone over there she has offered us something that is against the Word of Wisdom. So we have to be pretty creative on how to not accept it and not offend her. It is so funny! Vodka, tea, coffee... :-) She really has come to like us. I think we are winning her over through our stomachs! She just keeps feeding us and it's great! It's making up for the communication barrier! Just like all of the Spanish culture! Well, Juan is pretty much to the point that he wants the spirit so bad I don't think that we could keep him away from baptism. So amazing! Sometimes I don't feel like I deserve to be blessed with such amazing and prepared people.
I had my first real EMT experience the other day. I've had little ones here and there but this one was so amazing. We were heading to appointments, and there was a truck sideways in the road and a white car off in the ditch. The accident had just happened. So I said, Sister Baum, I have to stop. So we did. When I went past the truck I could see that everyone was alright in there, so I ran over to the white car, and there was a little old woman slouched over in her seat. There was quite a bit of blood and broken glass every where. This old woman had labored breathing, and in the position she was in she couldn't hardly breath and was trying to say, “help”. So I jumped in the car, got her airway stable and just tried to talk to her to calm her down. I thought for sure she was going to pass out and I'd have to do CPR, but I just started talking to her. Her name was Gladys and I'll never forget it, but she told me that I was her “angel”. She could hardly talk at all but she told me that I was her angel sent to take care of her. She said that she was just told that an angel would come for her. I was speechless and started to choke up. The ambulance got there and took over. I "accidentally" left a pass-along card on the passenger seat. I don't know if anything will come of it, but I know that lady wouldn't have lasted much longer in the state that she was in. I know that the Lord takes care of us, if we just put our confidence in Him.
Love you all!
Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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  1. You make a wonderful angel. Way to be prepared and willing. You are doing a fabulous job on your mission. Keep up the good luck and keep smiling.