Monday, May 10, 2010

Ft. Myers Week 2

Can I just say first, that IT’S HOT DOWN HERE!!!!!! Oh my! Why even take a shower, because you stay wet ALL day! :-) Saturday, we were privileged to visit the beach. We're not allowed to go to the beach unless it is a ward activity. Our ward had a special day at the beach for Mothers Day. It was fun, but definitely when I come back after the mission, I’m running to the water and jumping in, clothes and all, no me importa! :-)

We had a very wonderful Sunday. Isn't it nice to have a special day to reflect on everything that our moms have done for us? I sure did. It made me very happy! Being away from home for so long, you start to reflect on the things from your childhood and the things that are of most importance. In reflection of this wonderful day I chose to study about the 2,000 stripling warriors. You can probably guess why. As I read it, I tried to have the mind set, what do I need to do now, so that my children would say the same thing about me? How can I have the faith to teach them in the manner that the mothers of the 2,000 young men taught? Just like Paul, my greatest desire is that my children "walk in righteousness." What choices and decision do I need to make now to put me on that path? It was a very wonderful spiritual experience as I reflected and pondered on those

I look back at the last week, in pure amazement and awe as I think about all the miracles. I have never felt so directed in so many different circumstances by the Lord than I have in the l last week. There is nothing more powerful then having a personal witness from the Holy Ghost that you are standing in the exact place and in the exact moment that Heavenly Father wants you to be.

As we were pulling out of the gas station the other day, I felt subtly impressed that we should turn left instead and head down a road that we have never been down. As we drove, I felt the same kind of calm impression that we should tract these particular duplexes that awkwardly were set back away from the road. They weren't really strong promptings just calm thoughts. As we started tracting, within the first three doors we knocked we met a Puerto Rican man. We had a wonderful conversation and then we shared the restoration with him. As I stood there, reciting the first vision, the spirit overcame me. I was reminded of a dream that I had in the Missionary Training Center. I dreamt this exact moment, with this man, this doorstep and his bright red tee shirt. I was awe struck. Moments like these have been happening very frequently. I know more now then ever, that I am supposed to be a missionary, right now and right here. I know how important it is to follow those calm, tender feelings of the spirit.

On about our 4th doors down the road further, we found Westin and his family. He is the only member of the church in his family and is not active. He has 3 boys ages 15, 8 and 4. They are English-speaking and we just heard from the Elders that they are coming to church, and they just committed the 8 yr old to baptism. This family will be founded and built upon the rock of the Gospel just as written in Helaman 5:12. We even shared this scripture with them and likened it to the big bad wolf and the three little pigs. Oh the kids love that! But just think, what if I would have ignored those tender feelings, what if Sister Baum wouldn't have had the faith in me, as a companion to receive revelation. Surely the work of the Lord won't be frustrated because of my inabilities or lack of faith, but how grateful I am to be a part of this. If we have little tender "thoughts" we need to have the faith to follow it. Sister Baum and I are focusing on strengthening our faith. We know that the direction we receive, how we are lead to the elect that are prepared, is solely based on our faith. I know as we focus on faith, and work hard with exact obedience, we will be blessed. We already have! The Lord has put us on the path that has lead us to 9 people that are prepared to enter the waters of Baptism! The work here is exploding and we feel so blessed to be a part of it!

Elder Anderson is coming this next Saturday to visit our mission. We're so excited! It will be the first time ever that our entire mission will be together at one time. We are just so big and spread out that it has never been possible. Those mission miles are valuable! :-)

We would be on bike more, but Sister Baum's bike was stolen last week... kind of a bummer.

Oh, and dinner yesterday the elders were at a members house last week helping them and one of the elders was attacked by a rooster. Well yesterday we ate him! So funnny! The whole thing! Every part! They don’t waste anything!

Con Amor

Hermana Vaughan-Schultz

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